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Sports Supplement Manufacturing Australia | Contract Manufacturing

Food Supplement Manufacturing

At premium blends, we adhere strictly to producing food supplements that are not only effective for health, but have pleasant taste. We focus on creating quality food supplements from custom ingredients to finished products using highest industry standard.

Sport Supplement Manufacturing

With our surefire knowledge and experience in product design and raw material selection, we can provide the best fit sport supplements as you desire. Our unique ability to deliver great-tasting sport supplements can help make your product a success in today’s fast paced market.

Sports Supplement Manufacturing Australia | Contract Manufacturing

Packing and Filling

We have powder filling machines that are able to enhance our packaging process. They are fast, reliable, accurate and flexible. We can also provide bespoke filling solutions for special applications. No job is too small as we understand how hard starting a new project can be.


We have a coordinated system of enclosing our finished products for distribution, storage and use. Our extensive range of products are well packaged using industry standard materials. We have options from Chrome jars or Coloured jars to Standup Pouches or we can custom make packaging designed for you. Premium blends is your one-stop for complete product requirements.

Sports Supplement Manufacturing Australia | Contract Manufacturing
Sports Supplement Manufacturing Australia | Contract Manufacturing

Labelling & Label Application

In addition to contract manufacturing and packaging, we also supply labels and apply labels to packaging. Our labeling strategy is tailored to the client’s brand and requirements. We see each product development as an opportunity to expose your business and find a solution for you.

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