Sports & Protein Supplement Manufacturing

Premium blends is an industry leading contract manufacturer, producing food and sport supplements  for businesses and brands. Our expertise involves transforming your supplement ideas and turning it into ready-for-sale products.

With our knowledge and experience in product design and raw material selection, we can provide the best fit sport supplements to suit your needs. Our unique ability to deliver great-tasting sport supplement can help make your product a success in today’s fast paced market.

At Premium Blends, we adhere strictly to producing sports supplements and protein that are not only effective for health, but have pleasant taste. We focus on creating quality supplements from custom ingredients to finished products using the highest industry standard.

Our Sports Supplement Ingredients

We use the highest quality ingredients for each blend, ranging from gluten free to vegan blends and keto specialised supplements.

Some ingredients sourced are whey proteins, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, hydrolysed whey protein, milk protein, casein, amino acids, creatine, bcaa, electrolytes, herbal extracts, natural flavours, pre workout blends, vitamins and minerals, and collagen.

Sports Supplement Manufacturing Australia | Contract Manufacturing

Our Sports Supplement Manufacturing Process

After the initial discovery call where we find out about your dream product you’ll receive a product development form from us which gives you the opportunity to specifically write the desired ingredients, flavours, the pack size of the product and unit quantities.

Why Choose Premium Blends?

Premium Blends is a local Melbourne manufacturer, boasting a custom built facility. We pride ourselves in exemplary customer service, with a commitment to assisting our clients to a gold standard. To ensure we deliver the best quality product, we take the time to source the highest quality ingredients. The team at Premium Blends are here to support you at every stop of the way,  from development right through to the finished product.

Sports Supplement Manufacturing Australia | Contract Manufacturing
Sports Supplement Manufacturing Australia | Contract Manufacturing

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